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Attachment And Self Disclosure In Group

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ttachment and Self Disclosure in Groups
Attachment and self disclosure can say a lot about a person. There was a study done to investigate attachment style and self disclosure in the first group counseling session. This was done in order to explain variable of group functioning. The attachment style was done by self report questionnaires and the self-disclosure was done by observations. There were more than four hundred participants that were split up into twenty seven different groups. I find taking over 400 people and placing them into twenty seven different groups is actually a quite strong way of studying attachment and disclosure. They were assessed on the basis of transcripts of ...view middle of the document...

Self disclosure is reflected in actual behavior and can be measured through observation of a person’s situations such as the initial stage of a group. Attachment research has shown that secure attachment contributes to subjective well-being, high self-esteem, high self-efficacy, self-control, and well-adjusted interpersonal behavior. Insecure attachment seems to be organized around two basic dimensions: avoidance and anxiety-ambivalence. Avoidant adults tend to be uncomfortable about and have difficulties being close to and trusting others; anxious-ambivalent adults want closeness to others, worry that others do not love or want to be with them, and sometimes scare others away with their intense need for closeness. Secure-attachment persons report more support-seeking strategies than do persons who score high on either avoidant or anxious attachment styles. In partner relationships, secure persons seem to hold more positive expectations toward their partners and perceive them in a more positive way than do avoidant types.
Client productive behavior in counseling consists of cognitive and affective exploration, the development of insight, and actual change in behavior. Self disclosure is the mechanism that underlies all therapeutic factors in group counseling. Self-disclosure is related to group cohesion and to intimate relationships in the group, whereas limited self-disclosure in the group hinders group progress.
Two hypotheses were developed....

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