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Association Of Rehabilitation Nurses Essay

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Association of Rehabilitation nurses is a group of specialized nurses that promote, advance and support patients who are disabled and long term illnesses.
Their mission includes conducting research and publishing the results. The care and utmost wellbeing of the patients is paramount. It also emphasizes the proper care of the patients by facilitating their longer life. Again the mission seeks to align and reinforce the skills that will enable the delivery of the needed care.

Rehabilitation nurses readily access the services of other health care workers in a centralized setting. The team of ...view middle of the document...

They network with other professional groups. They also can impact legislation that can affect patient afflicted by disabilities and chronic illnesses. The have opportunity to increase their knowledge through free CE classes. They benefit through reduced professional insurance premium. The benefits include opportunity to continue their education, attend annual conferences, and register in webcasts.

The Texas Southeast Chapter of Rehabilitation Nurses can be contacted, through; Virginia (Becky) Thayer. POB # 300121, Houston. TX. 77230. The membership requirements are:
The members are with Formal Education. Associate and B.Sc. Nursing degrees, significant experience. They must possess current certification in Professional Rehabilitation Nurse, be able to multitask, perform under challenging and stressful situations. They have to be positive attitude and sufficient Physical Stamina and emotional stability. They are required to support ARN philosophy, ability to study and advance education with ARN in focus. They must be SETX Chapter with a minimum of 50% monthly chapter meetings and local chapter dues paid. Two letters of Recommendation, one personal the other professional. A letter from the employer supporting the willingness to accommodate attendance in educational offering.

Case study of Patients that survived Earthquake with multiple bone fracture and High blood pressure

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