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Associate Versus Bachelor Degree Essay

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Associate degree versus baccalaureate degr
Professional dynamics

To become a RN, there are two main paths, by earning an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree.
One of the primary differences between an associate and bachelor’s is the length of time that each program takes to finish.
To become an RN, more nurses choose to go for associate degree in nursing (ADN), because it is a faster program, 2 year program, and often more affordable. Bachelor versus Baccalaureate degree requires an increase length of study and more expensive. Both ADN versus BSN learn the some basic skills and, must sit for the NCLEX exam to be licensure. The national examination is the same for both ADN and ...view middle of the document...

Among the job titles frequently cited as requiring or preferring the BSN are case manager, clinical care coordinator, and patient care manager. (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Organization of Nurses Executives, National Association of Associate Degree Nursing, 1995, p.2)
BSN degree nurses are proven to have a better leadership and critical thinking skills, due to extra schooling provided to them. For example, there was a patient in the hospital, who was progressing normally post-open-heart surgery. The nurse took care of him for the past three days, they developed a good rapport with each other. The fourth day shift started like others, patient was already up and showered. At first glance nothing seemed to be abnormal. The nurse completed a physical assessment and began talking with the patient about how he felt and what discharge teaching she could work on that day. Patient wanted to tell the nurse something but he wasn’t sure how to describe what he was feeling. After a few minutes, the nurse found that he was having an intermittent chest clicking sound, especially at night. When other nurses were around it never seemed to happen. The BSN nurse thought about, patient history of surgery one year prior and the conversation they had the first night when she cared for him. He had told her that his surgeon said the sternum had never healed completely from the first surgery. The patient told the surgeon’s PA who had assessed him that morning, but had not gotten any satisfaction from his answer. Nurse assured the patient, that she believed him and will inform the surgical team of what was happening. BSN nurse reassess his heart tones when she heard a very faint clicking. When she left the room found the PA who had seen this patient. She informed him about her findings, but she was informed, her assessment must be wrong. At first she thought he may be right, as she had never dealt with an unstable sternum before. She checked with...

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