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Daniela Lovato
September 22, 2014
The Century of the Self
The Century of the Self is a very interesting documentary in which we are able to see Edward Bernay’s techniques on public relations. This documentary is intended to make viewers see the different ways in which corporations manipulate consumers into buying their products. It makes the view visualize everything from the starting point of public relations, advertising techniques, Nazi Germany and how campaigns can have a great influence on the way one thinks. The author of this documentary, Adam Curtis, also wants us to see the relationship between the different conceptions, such as ...view middle of the document...

This campaign is basically telling women that smoking will enable them to have more power and would in a way attract more men. There are many other examples like this, but all of the campaigns main goals are to manipulate consumers into believing what they want them to believe, which is that they need a certain product and why they need this product. Curtis also comes to describe the New left, and comes to the conclusion that it has left modern democracies and also very weak governments with short and flawed policies.
I could definitely familiarize some of the things on this documentary with some of the things I read in this chapter. The chapter talks about public relations and its mission to help organizations or corporations build relationships necessary for its success, which is basically what is happening in the documentary. There are some tactics of public relationship that is mentioned in the documentary, such as government relations. Of course that is not all of what public relations mean, it can be the act of marketing or campaigns as well, like in the documentary.
At the end of the documentary we come to the conclusion that Bernays way of thinking and techniques were correct and that individuals cannot be trusted and are irrational. This documentary definitely makes you think about the world and what happens in today’s society and what role you play in it and this documentary also serves as proof that the government and corporations without a doubt have the power to control its people.

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