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Assignment Letter To A European Philosopher

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Assignment: Letter to a European Philosopher
Dear Soren Kierkegaard,
I have read your profile and philosophical views on several subjects in the Moore-Bruder, (2008) AXIA Reading Material Handbook. I have two arguments that I would like to present to you on your philosophical views and choices you make to please a God that is not proven to exist. First I would like to talk about the agony of choices you made between your God and the woman you were going to marry named Regine Olsen. The choice of committing yourself to God affected you profoundly, by denying yourself the true love you longed for. You ...view middle of the document...

My second argument has to do with your view on “The Sickness-Unto-Death”. I disagree with the statement ‘His eventual conclusion was that nothing earthy can save a person from despair. Only a subjectivism commitment to the infinite and to God, not based on abstract intellectualizing or theoretical reasoning, can grant relief” (Moore-Bruder, 2008). I do not feel committing to God will bring relief from despair. I feel us as individuals deal with despair in our own ways. For example, we can never be prepared for the time of death of our loved ones. My mother is over 70 and has problems with her blood pressure causing problems with her heart. I know her day is coming and the best way I can deal with grieving time is to treat her special now with love, spend as much time with her while she is still active, and give her flowers now not when she is dead. There are many ways an individual can deal with their own grief instead of feeling guilty and having to turn to something that is not proven to exist leaving you still empty and guilty. Everyone has their own opinion on religion; I have had to read your views and many others. My opinion on religion is that religion is the root of evil and most wars. I find other views interesting, but no offense Mr. Kierkegaard, I can think for myself.


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