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Assignment 4: Disaster Recovery Team

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Assignment 4: Disaster Recovery Team
Strayer University – Professor Hansen – CIS359

The following will detail the creation of a Disaster Recovery Team (DRT), with a staff of 11 employees including myself. It will cover the DRT roles, responsibilities, and sub team that may be implemented. It will also include DRT procedures and policies that will be implemented specific to the DRT personnel as well as special equipment that may be required.
Management Team
* Crisis Management Team Leader - Senior manager to oversee recovery. Authority to declare a disaster.
* Alternate Management Team Leader - Full authority to act if Team Leader is not ...view middle of the document...

Includes recovery of hardware components, connectivity to the recovery site and recovery of critical network software.
* Server Recovery Technical Services - Recovery of critical servers.
(Seaton, 2013)

(, 2013)
Activation of Plan of Disaster Recovery Plan
The organizations CEO, an appointee, or successor may activate this plan when it is necessary to administer and coordinate a disaster response. The decision to activate the plan will be made in consultation with members on the Incident Response Team (IRT). The IRT is responsible for activating the DRP for disasters identified in the plan, as well as in the event of any other occurrence that affects the company’s capability to perform normally. (Kirvan, 2009)
One of the tasks during the early stages of the emergency is to notify the Disaster Recovery Team (DRT) that an emergency has happened. The notification will request DRT members to gather at the site of the problem and will include necessary information to have this request efficiently communicated. The Business Recovery Team (BRT) will involve senior representatives from the main business departments. The BRT leader will be a senior member of the company's management team, and will be accountable for taking overall charge of the process and ensuring that the company returns to normal working operations as early as possible. (Kirvan, 2009)
Not all business activities can be performed following a disaster. The company and its business groups must determine what is required for subsistence of the organization. Disaster Recovery is a procedural restoration of mission-critical services, products and operations.
A Business Impact Analysis is completed to determine which functions are critical for the organization to stay in business. (Council On Foundations, 2013)
Risk mitigation is the planning and distribution of resources to reduce financial, human and property loss. Once risks are identified and assessed, clear and concise decisions need to be made on which risks to lessen. (Council On Foundations, 2013)
Disasters are unpredictable and most of all unavoidable, there are different types of disasters and extent. It is of up most importance to have a disaster recovery plan in place, to return business to normal after a disaster has occurred. For...

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