Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model

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Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model
Directions: Think of a misunderstanding you experienced when communicating with someone else at work. Then fill in the blanks of the chart below.

Misunderstanding 1
Who was the sender? Myself-a packer
Who was the receiver? Spanish non-bilingual employee-an inspector
What was the message? Instruction on which product to inspect
What channel was used to send the message? Face-to-face verbal communication
What was the misunderstanding that occurred? The employee didn’t understand the instructions because of a language barrier. Both of us were non-bilingual.

How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? I should have had a translator ...view middle of the document...

Neither one of us spoke each other’s language which created difficulties at the job. Eventually some bilingual employees stepped up and began to aid non-bilingual employees and management by acting as translators. The translators unknowingly became an element within the communication process at work and eliminated a great deal of controversy and misunderstandings.
Misunderstanding 2
Who was the sender? Upper management
Who was the receiver? Myself-employee
What was the message? Demotion from department to cashier
What channel was used to send the message? Face-to-face verbal communication
What was the misunderstanding that occurred? That I was being demoted to cashier but would still have to work in the department area on weekends.
How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? Manager was vague about what he expected from me. He needed to explain his expectations of me clearer, be elaborate.

When answering questions 1 and 2 below, your response should include the following:
• Cite meaningful understanding rather than a general or less material misunderstanding.
• Use business- or work-related examples.
• Identify the roles of...

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