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Assessment Based Instruction Essay

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Key components of assessment-based instruction include curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Curriculum speaks to the goals and objectives that we want learners to understand as a result of their learning experiences. Instruction embraces the activities, strategies, teaching/learning materials, and experiences instructors deliver to the learners to assist in their learning progress of course goals. Assessment includes procedures and strategies teachers use to collect information about the learners progress on course goals and objectives.
Assessments can take on many forms and serve many purposes. Two types of assessments that are used as fundamental parts of teaching and instruction are ...view middle of the document...

What is currently being looked for is the capabilities of learners to integrate information obtained during their courses into real life proficiency’s.
​​Institutions have moved from pencil and paper are no longer evaluations to graphic organizers and portfolios. This educational shift and use of assessments that require multitasking allow learners to demonstrate their fundamental knowledge of conceptual information.
​Assessment-based instruction, uses numerous types of assessments during the deration of the course to effectively establish the level of intellectual understanding. Rather than provide the whole class with the same summative assessment, the use of multiple views helps learners connect what they see on the paper to real-life experiences.
​In the 20th century significant theories began to advance towards the modifications being made toward educational models and their differences. It has been demonstrated that when multiple types of assessments are used learners become more energetic and involved with their overall learning experience. Recognizing multiple learning styles within the class can be very challenging. For the instructor must remain in control of the classroom and the different learning styles within it to ensure that all the learners have the opportunity to learn. Knowledge and understanding of visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners is a must to have in your teacher toolbox in order to be an effective instructor. That being said, the more instructors have integrated formative assessments over the past 20 years into their overall curriculum the more observable the growth of the learners.
​Assessments that are well suited when looking to examine ways to improve instruction and learning should include the use of summative assessments that include quizzes, tests, and other writing assignments that the instructor can administer on a consistent basis. Instructors have confidence in scores from assessments that are as a direct result of the administering of their own instructional goals. The instructor’s direct relationship with the learners helps with the evaluation of their individual levels. ​
​In order instructors to demonstrate positive changes when using assessments they must review and analyze the results and goals frequently. These actions should be viewed with the utmost importance because assessment are so vital to the instruction process. Assessments are also fundamental when it comes to facilitating learners’ ability to demonstrate understanding. However, despite the value of assessments provide to the overall education of learners few instructors receive official guidance in constructing and evaluating assessments.
Due to their lack of training instructors have become overly dependent on their textbooks and other related materials for assessments. Assessments are too frequently used as tools to dispense instructional activities in order to justify the learner’s grades. If the expectation of...

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