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Assess Sociological Explanations Of The Relationship Between Globalisation And Religion

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Assess sociological explanations of the relationship between globalisation and religion
Globalisation is rapidly increasing as the world is becoming more interconnected and barriers are disappearing as a result of the creation of global markets and media and culture due to instantaneous communication systems and deregulation of trade and this is also causing a social change to some religions.
In India globalisation has been a good thing as it has brought rapid economic growth and has caused it to be a more important player on the world political stage. Also it has brought rising prosperity to some people and notably India’s new middle class as Meera Henderson (2008) looks at the role of ...view middle of the document...

Nanda argues that the increase in religion is due to the result of their ambivalence to their new found wealth. As the tele-gurus preach that desire is not a bad thing but that it is a manifestation of divinity that motivates people to do things. They also take the edge guilt by teaching that consumerism in the middle class can be spiritually balanced by paying for the performance of extravagant rituals, which as the same time is a way of displaying your wealth. So modern versions of Hinduism legitimate the position of the middle class and allow them to adjust to globalised consumer capitalism. This means that globalistaion is a good thing in India as because of it more people are becoming more religious.
Peter Berger (2003) says that Pentecostalism in Latin America encourages the development of capitalism today as Calvinism did in the 16th and 17th centuries as they have embraced a similar work ethic in Latin America similar to that of the Calvinists. Like Calvinism it demands a self-denying way of life that emphasises personal discipline, hard work and abstinence from alcohol as this way it encourages its members to prosper and become more upwardly mobile and that Pentecostalism has a strong affinity with modern capitalism. Berger agrees with weber that something like Protestantism is necessary to promote economic development and raise a society out of poverty. However Berger underlines Webers point about the fact that religious ideas alone are not enough to produce economic development as natural resources are also needed. For example in north Brazil the region lacks resources and so remains backward but in contrast southern Brazil is developing rapidly and has both work ethic derived from Pentecostalism and the natural resources.
Globalisation and religion can also be explained through fundamentalism. Fundamentalism has a response to globalisation and to related trends. Gidden says that fundamentalists are traditionalist. He states that this is a relative new term and sees its growth as a production of and reaction to globalisation. He says that this has undermines traditional norms and values. They say that religion offers certainty to a now uncertain world due to the choice that people now have. Beckford criticises fundamentalists for ignoring other important developments including how globalisation is also affecting non fundamentalist religions such as Catholicism....

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