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Asses The Marxist View That The Main Role Of The Family Is To Serve The Interest Of Capitalism

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Asses the Marxist view that the main role of the family is to serve the interest of capitalism.
Within sociology there are many different perspectives on the family. Each different perspective sees different things as the main role of the family. Marxists view the family in a very critical way. They believe that the main role of the family is to serve the interest of capitalism. They also believe that the family is seen as an institution which serves to maintain the position of the ruling class.
Karl Marx's view on the capitalistic approach shows the unequal nature of the economic system. He shows how the middle and upper class take advantage of the working class and their labour; and that ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, another key factor according to Marxists is the inheritance of private property; Freidrich Engels argues that a monogamous nuclear family has become vital in society as men had to be certain of the of their offspring to guarantee that their legitimate heir inherits the property from them. In Engels eyes this made for a ‘historical defeat for the females’ as men had greater control over women and were seen as just an object to provide offspring to become an heir to the inheritance. Marxist say that woman will never receive freedom from patriarchal control with the way of capitalism and private ownership nearby. Another point that Marxist point out is that families socialise children in to an idea of hierarchy and inequality.  An example of this is when parent’s power over children making them accustom to the idea that there is always someone above or better than them and they will have to obey there orders. This leads them to the working life where you work under capitalists and accept orders from capitalist employers. So they prepare for your working life which benefits the capitalists. In addition, Eli Zaretsky argues that the family also acts as a support to the capitalist system. They benefit from the unpaid labour done by women and children within the family, and the worker is refreshed daily from the rest and comfort they receive from their home. Therefore they are renewed and ready to take on another days work. Also Zaretsky argues that the family is a major consumer of capitalist products. This in itself ensures a market for capitalist products. However some argue Marxist and Engels view stating that men can also marry for love rather than the need for a child in fact there are many successful couples in modern society who remain childless without an heir to their fortunes. Also, family relationships are now much more equal so families no longer produce unequal...

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