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Asking For Help Essay

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Asking For Help: A Self Reflection Assignment: from Personal to Professional Responses

Professor Robyn Brown-Manning
SW 717 Social Work Practice and Learning Lab
Assignment 1

We live in a world or society where there are certain fundamental needs, which are important in facilitating our development. “These needs can be considered in two overall categories: the need for security, and the need to accommodate the drive toward growth,” (Brill, 2005, pg. 27) all of which can be fulfilled by education. As a citizen of the United States, in an egalitarian society where educational advancement is fostered, I was able to become closer towards achieving the American ...view middle of the document...

The pressure of living up to my parents’ expectations prompted feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and self-incompetence, as this task seemed overtly impossible. This drove my ambition in life, and enabled me to be the first in my family to graduate from high school. It was one of the greatest accomplishments that paved the road toward continuous growth. I was beginning to taste the sweetness of success and wanted to continue up the ladder to victory.
However, the idea of advancing my education was in jeopardy due my parent’s inadequate funds available and their lack of knowledge on pursuing a college degree. In adolescent studies, researchers found that high levels of assets favorably affected adaptive functioning (Abernethy, 2011). Also, families with little or no education undergo limited early learning opportunities as seen in a study by Abukari, (2011), which shows significant relationships between students’ grades and sense of optimism, region of residence, presence of school mentor, parental social support, and neighborhood safety. These results implicate that obtaining a higher education may be impossible without the proper financial assistantship, or guidance.
My parents’ realized the predicament I faced with the possibility of not being able to attend college, and supported the idea of seeking help from my school peers whom were going through the same situation. Unfortunately, my personal beliefs about asking for help hindered the process, which is supported by Bowles and Fallon, 2001 who state “help seeking is affected by the nature of the problem and how the problem is perceived by the individual.” My fear was not only being criticized as incompetent, but also as a weak individual who was supposed to be intellectual and influential. As the likelihood of not being able to achieve a college education seemed like it was becoming reality, I realized the need to meet and defy these expectations. I weighed the pros and cons and decided that seeking help would not only bring rewards, but assist collectively with accomplishing my goal. I began to understand that needing direction in one’s life is a general human process that applies to almost everyone and would enable me to improve myself.
I consulted my high school counselor, and school peers, for advice with enrolling into college, inquired about the programs various colleges offered and the possible career pathways it may lead to. I found both my guidance counselor and peers to be very helpful in describing the process of applying to college, the benefits of obtaining a college education. I also learned about financial assistance such as grants and loans that were applicable to my situation. My guidance counselor’s status as a college graduate reassured me of her competence and also made me feel comfortable asking for assistance. The guidance counselor explained to me the privilege of attaining a college education and also stated that I would be able to move forward and...

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