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Asignment On Mission Of Lulu Exchange

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Asignment on

Mission of


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Prof. Dr. Syed Rashidul Hasan
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Md Waliur Rosul
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Lulu International Exchange
The specialists in providing foreign exchange expertise to clients.
Lulu International Exchange is the money transaction arm of the renowned LuLu Group of Companies, which has diverse business interests shaped over more than a century of visionary entrepreneurship. Trust and reliability were the watchwords, which built Lulu International Exchange customer base even further.
Incorporated in 2008 under the ownership of HH ...view middle of the document...

They will also help in positioning the company as a key financial retailer that grows to become a global retail payment and utility company.
To be the principal financial service retailer in foreign exchange management and micro payment.

To be the First choice in financial services and be the most sought after organization by setting high standards in customer satisfaction and compliance.
Our motto is being your remittance and exchange partner.
Reduce Anti Money Laundering!

Mission Analysis :
Preferred supplier
We aim to become the preferred choice of customers by providing an enjoyable money transfer experience resulting from a unique, creative approach and a commitment to delivering quality products and uncompromising service.

Customer focus
We are dedicated to our customers and their needs. We want our customers to be satisfied and feel appreciated, as well as know they are getting good value for their money. We are committed to maintaining personal, attentive and caring relationships with our customers over time.

Personal commitment
We are committed to providing honest service, exhibiting professional integrity, maintaining competitive prices, and continually developing cutting-edge products to the benefit of our customers.

Worldwide deployment
We are broadening operations abroad to provide our full range of services across the globe.

Community involvement
We are a part of the communities in which we operate, and are committed to donating a percentage of our profits to help address local needs. In addition, we encourage our employees to volunteer their time and efforts to the community, and recruit partners and peers to join us in this cause.

Employee satisfaction
Our employees represent the main engine for our success. We encourage teamwork, personal initiative and excellence, while ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and responsibility. We provide a warm and supportive environment with advancement opportunities to help create worker satisfaction and a sense of belonging.
Only by acting in the spirit of this vision will we make a significant impact and deliver value to our customers, employees, shareholders, and hosting communities.


One can opt from a wide range of financial products and solutions that are ideal for both expatriates and locals. Our Draft Cheque facility, Swift Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, Inter-Emirates Money Transfer, and exchange of foreign currency, are all services geared to meet the needs of our customers and through the process help increase our understanding of both micro and macro issues of the remittance and exchange market.

Mission Statement

Provide taxpayers with a simple, efficient, and cost effective means of transmitting accurate sales and use tax returns and remittances to political subdivisions of the state from a central site in the quickest manner possible. The mission shall not be construed to grant to the...

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