As A Set And/Or Lighting Designer, What Effects Would You Want To Create For Your Audience In Act 1 And Act 2? Explain How Your Set Design/Lighting Design Would Change From Act 1 To Act 2

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As a set and/or lighting designer, what effects would you want to create for your audience in Act 1 and Act 2? Explain how your set design/lighting design would change from Act 1 to Act 2.

A Doll’s House by Henrick Ibsen is an iconic play expressing harsh truths on social rules and etiquette in the late 1800’s. The play allows a simple yet symbolic set and lighting design – forcing the audience to think and question the play writes intentions as well as the interpretation of the director. The play is over a period of three days; Act 1 is on Christmas Eve and Act 2 being over Christmas day –the set changes over both acts in small but significant ways allowing the audience to understand ...view middle of the document...

Helmer is the head of the family, therefore a ‘higher’ and ‘respected’ member of society. Between these two doors a large window with a typical view of Norway is show to the audience, snow softly falls onto the floor with only a gradual build up – the colour of the sky is light blue, inferring that the ‘perfect reality’ is still in place. As the sky is ‘perfectly’ blue with not a blemish of cloud in sight and the snow has not caused a storm or built up over the house – trapping the family. The window is furnished with brown curtains that reach the floor they are rugged, frayed and worn at the bottom, showing the families previous financial difficulties. This is then juxtaposed as a black shinny baby grand piano is placed in front of the window, the lid is up and music is placed on the stand and across the top of the piano in an organised fashion – indicating order within Nora’s life. The piano looks new, as there is no ‘scuffs’ or scratches along the side, inferring to the audience that this is a new object, suggesting an outburst of money has been received. In the middle of the left hand wall is soft oak door, with a window downstage of it – furnished with the same rugged brown curtains. On the right of the piano a tall Christmas tree is furnished with tinsel, pinecones, candles and homemade decorations – suggesting that the play is set during a festive period, indicating a happy and joyful atmosphere. Near the window, a round dark oak table with dark wooden chairs surround the table; a vase of flowers is in the centre of the table. A rugged leather sofa with button pleats is on the left of the table, in the centre of the stage a square brown fur rug is placed – indicating the county of the play, as well as showing the cold harsh climate outside, as fur keeps the house warm. On the right-hand wall slightly upstage is a another oak door – downstage of this, against the same wall a stove lined with red porcelain tiles surrounded by three dark brown rugged leather armchairs and a wooden rocking chair is placed in front of the fire. This set up allows a familiar yet comfortable, organised and family atmosphere, which is welcoming yet calm. Between the stove and the armchairs a small side table with a mug and knitting needles on the top is placed. On the left of the stove a small wooden bookcase filled with leather bound books. The overall set design allows a homely feel to the play, as the wood used is mainly ‘soft oak’ or warm and dark – creating a comfortable and homely atmosphere, inviting the audience into the Helmer household. There are various doors and windows around the set, creating an illusion that the set is larger than it is – symbolising the fake and distorted reality, as well as giving Nora freedom; she is free to go out side and not be worried or repressed by anyone.

As the play develops and the intensity increases due to secrets being unravelled I would use the set and lighting to symbolise the upcoming events. When Nora...

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