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Arts In My Community Essay

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Capstone CheckPoint: Art In My Community

Arts in my community of Minneapolis, Minnesota are supported by a great number of agencies and citizens. We have tons of art museums, non-profit art organizations, and art centers. In Minnesota it seems that they try to incorporate art into every city. We also have things like the Minnesota State Arts Board, which is a state agency that simulates and encourages the creation, performance, and ...view middle of the document...

Another program we have is called K-12 Arts Challenge Minnesota Grant, which is a noncompetitive grant program and funds are given out first come first serve.
I do feel that we have enough support in Minnesota. The programs I named were just a few of the many programs we have to support art in the cities. I do however think people here need to be more supportive of children in arts. It is important to get them started at a young age and many people do not feel that art is important. I think it helps to expand a child’s way of thinking and it helps them to excel in other areas, because they know if something doesn’t work one way it’s time to take a new approach.
My role in the creation and support of art in my community is very small and could get better. I do however start with my son, just like my parents did as well as my in-laws, at a very young age. I like to take him to the different places and help him to explore many of the opportunities we have in the state. It is important to me that I give him all the opportunities that I possibly can and let him experience art and life they way he should, creatively.

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