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Artificial Intelligence Chapter 1 Solutions Essay

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Assignment 1 – Chapter 1

(a) intelligence – means to have the knowledge to learn and understand different situations.
(b) artificial intelligence – the ability of a computer or robot to act like a human and make decisions based on pre-defined rules.
(c) agent – is the entity that is doing the actions, it can interact with the environment, change it, and learn from it.
(d) rationality – is the ability of doing the right thing based on what it already knows or has learned from the environment.
(e) logical reasoning – is the process using arguments, statements, premises, and axioms to determine whether a statement is true or false.

- Yes, reflex actions such as ...view middle of the document...

If bar code scanners were considered intelligent, they would be at a very low level of intelligence.
- Web search engines: in many respects, determining the relevance of a web page to a query is a problem in natural language understanding, and the techniques are related to those. Search engines groups the retrieved pages into categories, using techniques analogous. They use intelligent techniques; for instance, the spelling corrector of their own spelling errors. However, the problem of indexing billions of web pages in a way that allows retrieval in seconds is a problem in database design, not in artificial intelligence.
- Voice-activated telephone menus: To a limited extent. Such menus tend to use vocabularies which are very limited. Therefore, the programs must deal with an uncontrolled space of all kinds of voices and accents. The voice activated directory assistance programs used by telephone companies, which must deal with a large and changing vocabulary, are certainly Artificial Intelligence programs.
- Internet routing algorithms that respond dynamically to the state of the network: This is the border line, there is something for viewing these as intelligent agents working in cyberspace. The task is sophisticated, the information available is partial, the techniques are not guaranteed, and the state of the world is dynamic. All of these are characteristics of intelligent activities. However, the task is very far from those normally carried out in human cognition.

(a) A reasonable level of proficiency was achieved by Andersson’s robot.
(b) No. Although there...

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