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Artifact From 2011 Essay

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A hundred years from now the world will look at what was left behind from 2011 and wonder what life was like. In scientific studies a cultural artifact is an item produced by humans that furnishes cultural clues about the people who used it. Over time the artifact may change in how it is seen and used. The cell phone as a cultural artifact has come to improve and change various established types of contact in today’s culture (Nielson, 2010). Today the world uses technology in almost everything that it does. Many different types of scholars have advocated the study of technologies as artifacts (Sterne, 2006). The cell phone will be a cultural artifact in its own right. No modern cultural ...view middle of the document...

This makes the cell phone a sort of art in itself because the user can choose their type of phone and decorating or changing it acts as a sort of individual statement. The fact that they are everywhere has a foundation for modifying cultural standards. One odd change in cultural norms would be the change in priority of who a person wants to communicate with. It seems that more people prefer to communicate with people that are somewhere else rather than the ones they are currently sharing space with. Yet, the moral principles of this new action are not unanimously approved. If this is not enough, now individuals are watching television on their cell phones, to detach themselves farther from crowded conditions and prioritize their consideration.
If a person believes that the cell phone is not having an effect on today’s culture all they have to do is read news articles or watch television from around the world that show how a cell phone is aiding people and their causes. Cell phones have been credited with helping to augment the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. In France, demonstrators used text messaging to organize their actions and stay away from police. Also, in China, text messaging played a prominent role in the anti-Japanese demonstrations (Rauch, 2005). In Europe, text messaging is often used for political purposes, as well as, spreading false information. It is used to disrupt opponents as much as to mobilize supporters (Rauch, 2005).
Then there are the teenagers of 2011, every one of them either has a cell phone or wants one. Cell phones have dominated teenage culture. They have become an essential part of the ever new technology which continuously attacks teens’ lives (Radical Parenting, 2011). Now the convenient cell phones reveal much of a teenager’s position in the high school pecking order: social standing, and fashion. It almost seems that a cell phone in a person’s hand holds some kind of energy all its own. People cannot just let their cell phone sit and wait for it to ring instead it empowers them to go to new levels of communication (Radical Parenting, 2011). Philosopher Langdon Winner stated that; “that technological artifacts ‘embody specific forms of power and authority’ (Sterne, 2006, p. 1).”
Before the cell phone came the land line phone. In the 1870s, the inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented a machine that could broadcast speech electrically, the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell was really just trying to improve the telegraph machine and the accomplishment with the telephone came as a direct result of his effort to develop a better telegraph. The communications possibilities enclosed in his exhibit of having the ability to "talk with electricity" were far more important than anything that merely increased the potential of a dot-and-dash system (Bellis, 2011). From there the first mobile-radio-telephone service gets its start in St. Louis in 1945. The system was contained, the use of six channels that add up...

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