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Article Summary Essay

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Scholarly Article Summary
Meisha Alliya Williams

Sawchuk, S. (2012, April 25). Many teachers not ready for common core. Education Week, 31(29), 12-17.

Most U. S teachers are not ready for the shift in their teaching style and rigor that will be required by the new common core standards that have been adopted by most states. There are many gaps in the pedagogical shifts for educators in their teaching style and the funding of professional development needed for teachers to be able to implement the common core standards with fidelity. This article is scholarly based on the ...view middle of the document...

Numerical reasoning is going to be very crucial in that students have a good grasp of these skills in order to be the most successful in mathematics through 5th grade. This article is a scholarly article based upon the data used from student observation and questioning utilized during the explanation of the facts from a well educational consultant and business owner,

Kober, N., & Rentner, D. (2011). Common core state standards: progress and challenges in school districts. Center on Education Policy, 1-16.

There are many benefits and hindrances that will slow down the implementation of the common core standards across many school districts. The new standards are more rigorous and will improve students’ learning but materials, training and funding will remains to be an issue for the most thorough adoption in school districts. This article conducts many surveys that compares and contrast information and data given to give you a perspective of the challenges schools, districts, and teachers will face which lends itself to a scholarly article as well as an established periodical and writer.

Burns, M. (2012, December). Go figure: Math and common core. Education
Leadership, 70(4), 42-46.

Kober, N., & Rentner, D. (2011). Common core state standards: progress and

challenges in school districts. Center on Education Policy, 1-16.

Sawchuk, S. (2012, April 25). Many teachers not ready for common

core. Education Week, 31(29), 12-17.

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