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Article Critique Essay

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HSC 300
Article Critique

6 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

May 30, 2015

HSC 300 – Legal and Ethical Issues and Health Professions
Dr. Louis Yu
6 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
6 Warning Signs of nursing Home Abuse & Neglect, by Consumer Justice Group (2015), is an interesting article about what senior citizens may experience if they are residing in a nursing home. In Chapter 13 - Patient Abuse, of Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, Pogzar mentions how serious senior abuse is in America. According to Pogzar (2013), “Most states have enacted statutes mandating the reporting of ...view middle of the document...

” Minor falls should never go undocumented as they can lead to additional medical expenses and can result in long lasting injuries, which are sometimes fatal. Bedsores are warning signs of nursing home abuse that are caused by poor nutrition and prolonged pressure on the bodies of patients for lying down for long periods of time unattended. They begin with painful red inflammations on the skin and can then lead to the bedsores eating through the skin and muscle to expose the bone. Restraints are a possible sign of abuse, which involves restricting an individual to move at their own will. Leg restraints, arm restraints, hand mitts, cuffs, wheelchair safety bars, bedrails, and lap pillows are sometimes used as restraints. Staff members of the nursing home tucking their patients’ bed sheets so tightly that they cannot move or turn is another method of restraint. Finally, staff inattention can lead to nursing home abuse. Since nursing homes are business like any other business, owners increase profit by cutting back on labor costs. Nursing homes are...

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