Art Vs. Entertainment Essay

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Art vs. Entertainment
We live in a world that is permeated with different inspirations and distractions. Technology is extremely advanced and it opens many possibilities for human to communicate and be entertained. Humans naturally seek and are attracted to something inspiring, beautiful, joyful or amusing which could be translated to Art or entertainment. So what defines art and entertainment? How can we tell the difference between art and entertainment? Art is inspiring, a form of pure self-expression, unique creation but not always widely accepted and entertainment is amusing, popular, widely accepted and business related.
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When I saw “Autumn Rhythm” by Jackson Pollock, I could not figure out why it was called “Autumn Rhythm”. I did not see any leaves, I did not see any autumn related features. This piece was not widely accepted when Pollock came out with his unique style. Now, it is one of the most famous paintings and it is important in art history. It might just appear to be merely splash colors on a canvas to someone, but it was his expression of autumn and its beauty and that is all that matters to Pollock and people who appreciate his creativity. While popular comic books are targeting readers’ attention by creating more interesting stories and attractive drawings, artists focus more on what they feel and how they want to express their inner disposition.
There is one common thing about popular music – they are simple and easy to sing along. Fast and catchy melodies are attractive enough to appeal young people’s attention, which creates great opportunity for a business. Same with movies – more action, more explosions, and more drama in movies call for more money. In that reason, most of media and...

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