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Madonna in the Meadow
Oil on panel
Figure 4.16

The artist Raphael painted the Madonna in the Meadow when he was in his twenties in Florence. The painting is also known as Madonna del Belvedere. The painting is currently held in the  Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.
Light: There are multiple sources of lights in this painting. The most obvious is the light from the sky. Although you can see clouds, the sky lights up the scene behind the Virgin Mary. There appears to be light that makes Christ and St. John light up. Their figures are almost iridescent as well as the Virgin Mary’s foot.
Color: The colors in this portrait are mostly subdues except for the ...view middle of the document...

Space: The backgrounds of the mountains appear very light and the blue leading up to the top of the portrait display a great amount of atmospheric perspective. Much of the background is also taken up by the green around Mary and the children. The subtle flower popping up also fills the space.
Texture: The texture in this work are also very organic. The green in the field and also the blue lake in the background. The way the children glow and Mary’s skin is also glowing. The children appear to be playful. The Virgin Mary is holding Chris lovingly and the scene around them is very peaceful. The small flowers also make the space appear more organic.
Balance: The portrait is balanced by the way it all flows. The green in the field is followed to the back where you can see a few trees and shrubs around the other side of the lake. The sky blends in with everything else.
Emphasis: The emphasis in this portrait is the Virgin Mary and the children. The virgin is emphasized by the bold colors of her dress. The children are emphasized by the way they are glowing. This portrait also has an emphasis on love and affection.
Rhythm: This portrait shows rhythm by repeating the glow in the children as well as in the Virgin Mary’s face and foot. The skin in all of their bodies is sort of glowing away from the portrait.
Meaning: This painting has a religious meaning. It shows Chris playing with St. John the Baptist which was the patron of Florence. The setting appears to be in Italy. The painting has a real sweet message. The way the halo’s are on the children and Mary is looking at them very lovingly.

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