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ARTH 101 - 002 : Paper Assignment
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ARTH 101 - 002 : Paper Assignment

Displayed on the second floor of the museum named as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Romanesque capital under consideration belongs to a set of four which had been installed in the cloister of the monastery of Saint – Rémi. This monastery of Saint – Rémi is located in the geographical region of Remis, France, Europse. Constructed using the medium of limestone, the dimensions of this piece of art are; 13 x 21 x 21 inches.
Even though the cloister had been destroyed and reconstructed during the seventeenth ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand however, the existence of various differentiating characteristics is rather pronounced between the two art forms under consideration. These differences can be essentially examined by comparing the Romanesque capitals from the classical Roman capitals. As mentioned earlier, the Romanesque capitals are relatively gothic with higher ceilings and aisles, which had been decorated from both, the outside and the inside as well.
Moving on, it can be observed that the Romanesque capitals generally include thick and heavy walls and pillars, groin vaults or stone barrel vaults, a transept, various towers and the decoration of the area above the side aisles with galleries. Also, the observation of the Romanesque art indicates the creation of artistic yet meaningful sculptured decorations and other paintings all through the interior of the Romanesque capitals.
In addition, the comparative analysis of the Romanesque capitals and the classical Roman capitals highlight that the Romanesque buildings are generally taller and have a higher element of simplicity. Furthermore, the shape of the arch is more rounded or slightly pointed, while being more...

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