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Army Of God Essay

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Domestic Terrorism Group: Army of God
James Reed
Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice
Professor Ray Newman
Colorado Technical University Online
September 2, 2013
Domestic Terrorism Group: Army of God

This paper will discuss a domestic terrorism group called the Army of God and why they chose to be terrorists. It will also discuss what the organizations views are and the types of crimes they are associated with. The strategies that law informant has used against the Army of God to prevent any attacks from this group and what precautions will law enforcement need to take before apprehending a member from this group. This paper will also discuss how the local court systems handle domestic terrorism. Finally, should domestic terrorist be tried in local, state, or federal courts?
The reason the people of Army of God choose to be terrorists is to stop and make all abortion illegal and they ...view middle of the document...

The crimes that Army of God is associated with are a kidnapping of an abortion doctor and his wife in August of 1982, first time they were heard from. Later the doctor and wife were released unharmed (U.S. Domestic, n.d.). In1984 the group firebombs two abortion clinics on in Virginia and the other in Washington D.C., no one hurt at these bombings. July 1988 the group protest outside the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia wear some of the protesters were arrested for becoming violent (U.S. Domestic, n.d.). March 10, 1993 Michael Griffin a member of Army of God shots and kills Dr. David Gunn an abortion doctor in Florida. August 19, 1993 Dr. George Tiller was shot by a member of the Army of God outside his clinic but survived, but he was shot and killed by another member of the group on May 31, 2009. From the years of 1994 to 1997 the group held violent protest outside abortion clinics and even sent 550 hoax Anthrax letters to abortion clinics across the U.S. from 1997 to 2001 (U.S. Domestic, n.d.). On February 21, 1997 the group bombed a gay and lesbian nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia injuring five people. On January 29, 1998 member Eric Rudolph sends a bomb in a flower pot to an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. When the bomb goes off it kills police officer Robert Sanderson and injuries nurse Emily Lyons (U.S. Domestic, n.d.). In 2002 the group praises the Saudi government for beheading three of their citizens for being gay. The group is also known for throwing acid on people leaving abortion clinics and gay and lesbian clubs (U.S. Domestic, n.d.).

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