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Army As A Profession Argumentative Paper

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After a decade of United States military action soldiers enjoy widespread public appreciation. The public consensus that the Army is the world’s most effective fighting force and protects US interests. Soldiers’ high level of training, use of superior equipment and dedication to duty increases effectiveness. These traits define Army soldiers as members in a profession of arms. To understand why the Army is a profession of arms we define profession, examine alternate points of view, and show how the Army meets that definition.
Samuel P. Huntington’s defining characteristics of a profession include expertise, responsibility and corporateness. ...view middle of the document...

Commanders are trusted to utilize their expertise to fulfill high level political goals. This trust is replicated through the Army chain of command to fulfill strategic, operational and tactical goals.
The trust given to soldiers develops a shared and individual responsibility. Soldiers utilize their expertise on highly complicated equipment and are held responsible for the effective operation of that equipment. Leaders utilize their expertise to plan and supervise and are held responsible for their success. The volunteer force allows citizens to choose to undertake this responsibility. The level of responsibility for human life or death is enormous.
Soldiers readily identify as being distinct from civilians. The Army has shared experience, uniforms, and language that are all unique to the organization. Soldiers, that never met, can often recognize another soldier out of uniform. There is a distinct camaraderie developed amongst units and across the organization. This camaraderie can bridge generational gaps as soldiers from different eras can still identify with one another.
The Army’s profession of arms meets the definition developed by...

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