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Argumentatiove Essay On Obesity Solutions

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Although some might say that altering individual choices and applying dietary restrictions are the best ways to tackle the obesity epidemic, I strongly believe that developing a national plan that entails environmental, educational, and industrial aspects is the most fit solution.

While addressing obesity, the first things that come to mind are diets and individual choices. Thus, to hinder this epidemic, dietary restrictions and control over eating habits need to be exercised, much like our ancestors have done with staying away from gluttony. (Critser, 2001, p. 1, par. 3) [According to Koplan and Dietz, dieting and prevention are an effective method for treating obesity, especially in ...view middle of the document...

While focusing on the obesity epidemic, it is quintessential to stress on individual choices. If an individual’s choice can be altered to make out the most beneficial and nutritious decisions about health and food, obesity and weight gain can be tackled more personally (Verduin, Agarwal, Waltman, p. 1, par. 4). Studies have, however, found that consumers are more interested in price and taste than in the nutritious value of the products (Verduin, Agarwal, Waltman, p. 1, par. 4). Moreover, consumers are confronted with a true lack of choice, as they are always keen to choose what is convenient, which is, at the same time, not healthy (Begley, 2012, p. 2, par. 16). Undoubtedly, the consumer is the most important factor in the treatment of obesity, but his choices cannot be accounted for when the options are not healthy and reliable (Verduin, Agarwal, Waltman, p. 1, par. 1).

[As argued earlier, individuals’ choices and approaches have failed to beat obesity. Accordingly, it needs to be tackled with a multidimensional national plan that involves different aspects, whether industrial, environmental, or educational.] [As cited by Verduin, Agarwal, and Waltman, the food industry should provide the appropriate information when it comes to the food that is produced, including all the nutritious values.] Also, industry can reform the already existing products, tweaking the ingredients so they’d be healthier and more beneficial. For example, “The Healthy Choice” is a product line that provides its customers with different kinds of nutritious meals that have a considerably low amount of calories but with the taste not being compromised (Verduin, Agarwal, Waltman, p. 2, par. 7). In another example, Walt Disney Co. found that people accepted the healthy food choices when they were offered at their parks. McDonalds also started to include apples in its meals, while at the same time lowering the number of fries (Begley, 2012, p. 3, par. 25). The food industry takes advantage of people with high income to market foods that are high in calories and energy but low in nutritious value (Nestle, 2003, p.1 par. 2). [Thus, according to Nestle, food policies must be changed and taxes should be...

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