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The United States is a nation that leads the world in science and technology. American technology has produced advances in many areas of medicine. As this medical research continues, there has controversy between advancing medicine through testing and preserving life. In the United States and around the world, there have been debates and laws created which demonstrate the controversy in stem cell research. One of the main debates is that stem research can be used to discover cures for illness. Many experts believe stem cell research can be used to help against diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer (Lacayo, 2001). However, many people worry that stem cell research will be used for unethical purposes such as human cloning. They also argue that money from the government should not be used to destroy a human embryo. In the United States and around the world there have been many laws regarding stem cell research.
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In July 2001, the House of Representatives introduced a broad anti cloning bill but it was it was not passed in Congress. President Bush said that year in his State of Union address that no life should be used for experiments. Congress was debating the difference between cloning and use of stem cell research (Agnew, 2003). Due to Bush’s 2001 policy scientist who worked on stem cell research received federal funds for only a handful stem cells. Stem cell researchers argued that embryonic excess left over in vitro fertilization should be donated to create research on them but opponents debated that such research still is destruction to human embryo and our federal dollars should not be used to pay for the research (Agnew, 2003).
The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 was vetoed by President Bush. The bill would have reversed some restrictions from Bush’s 2001 policy. (Babington, 2006; Issues in Science and Technology, 2006). President Bush declared an Executive Orders on June 20, 2007 on research on alternative sources of Stem cells. He stated in the Executive Order, “The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall conduct and support research on the isolation, derivation, production and testing of stem cells that are capable of producing all or almost all of the cell types of the developing body and may result in improved understanding of or treatments for diseases and other adverse health conditions, but are derived without creating a human embryo for research purpose of harming or destroying, discarding, or subjecting to harm a human embryo or fetus” (Bush, June 22, 2007). In 90 days of this Executive Order the Secretary should report to President Bush all activities of the research of the stem cells not taken from human embryos. This had to be approved by the Director of the National Institutes of Health. On each year close to December 31, the Secretary has to report to President the activities performed on that year on the stem cell research. The purpose of this order was to ensure the research protected the order of human stem cell as a human subject. Protecting such a stem cell shall not risk of injury and or death allowed for research. This Enhancement establishes moral

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