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Are You Ready Boots Essay

383 words - 2 pages

1: Characterisation of Lulu.

Lulu seems to be self-assured and confident. This comes out it line 3 "Nancy Sinatra eat your heart out" and

in line 8 "...all I could do after admiring myself". If she wasn't confident, she would not be admiring her own

reflection in the mirror.

She is also fashion-conscious, this is shown in the beginning of the story (line 5), when she buys an

expensive pair of boots "they weren't just boots - they were actual Manolos". Only people ...view middle of the document...


Had a Porsche" , however she later reveals a more sensible side in line 133, where she looks beyond "the

dashing, handsome exterior" and comes to the realisation that he is a "bigoted bore inside" (l. 134)

2: Comment on the role of the two male characters.

In many ways, Spencer and Charlie represent the two sides there are to Lulu's personality.

Spencer being the reasonable side by making her see Charlie for what he really is by planting a tiny seed

of doubt in her by telling her his honest opinion about the relationship she has with Charlie. At the same

time enjoys the funny and fashion-conscious person she can be.

I see Charlie as the "champagne-fuddled one" - Only the champagne being replaced by love or perhaps just

some kind of fascination with his good looks, money, social status and lifestyle. When she as a joke brings 1

the boots she wore when she met him to their favourite country house hotel and he does not get the joke

it makes her realise that he is nothing like her.

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