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Are You He Essay

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Are you more Herbivore, or Carnivore?
Monique Lewis
University of Phoenix

Are you more Herbivore, or Carnivore?
Are you constantly being labeled? Are you more Omnivore than Herbivore? No matter. There is value to experimenting with different ways to satisfy the same cravings. There is no need to be anything to love great plant based foods. Being vegetarian is not about an ascetic “lifestyle” that carries with it promise of being a better, purer person. It is not about abstinence and “taboo” foods. Carefully grown and lovingly prepared, vegetables can be the most satisfying food imaginable.

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However they do eat eggs and dairy products.

Our best source of calcium found in milk, and other dairy products are essential for building strong, healthy bones and teeth. A dairy product also maintains many of the basic functions of the human body. Some things we may not know about milk is that it has two major solid components: fat-soluble vitamins; and non-fat solids which include proteins, carbohydrates, and water soluble vitamins. Casein, a protein that is only found in milk makes up for 82% of the total proteins. In 2009 Samples, Evangeline, American Fitness found that in 2007, Burkes, and colleges suggested that, “study participants who adhered to a Lacto-ovo diet were able to reduce intakes of fat and calories, and reduce body weight.”( The spokesman, 2004).

Eggs are also filled with nutritional value, and at no expense are these nutrients compromised by “processing”. Regardless of their high cholesterol content, and possible salmonella contamination, eggs remain a popular and inexpensive source of nutrition. Like other animal proteins, those supplied by eggs contain all the essential amino acids. In lite they are an excellent source of vitamin B12, which is essential for proper nerve function. Because dietary needs for vitamin B12 are often fulfilled by meat, vegetarians rely on eggs to attain this essential vitamin.

There are a few downsides also that goes along with the Lacto-ovo diet. Farm animals receive 30 times more antibiotics than humans do. This is not so much to prevent infection- although the cramped confinement of farm conditions does lead to many of diseases, but to promote more growth with less feed. We digest these hormones through the meat, and dairy that comes from the animal.

The biggest effects of a Lacto-ovo diet are the concerns of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease which stems from lack of calcium to keep bones from becoming brittle. For much of our lives we have been told, “Milk does the body good”, however, bones build their density in our younger years. Osteoporosis is the by-product of affluence, not of calcium deficiency. I found in reading on a website called Veggie 123 as scientist study osteoporosis, they are finding that it is the result of bad , overall lifestyle, including diet. Calcium certainly plays a part in building strong bones as I mentioned earlier. Consuming large amounts of calcium as an adult has no influence on bone building effect.( Rudy Hadisentosa, 2006 ch. 14)

Efforts to persuade us to eat fish as an alternative healthier substitute for meat should not let us overlook the fact that fish are still high in fat, and a high calorie food that has absolutely no fiber. Fish are often, laden with dangerous toxins, which they absorb from polluted lakes, rivers, and streams. Bigger fish eat smaller fish, causing more toxins to build up.

Before giving up on eating this alternative meat all together let me...

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