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| “Are Good Leaders born, or can they be Made” |

For decades researchers have been trying to find the answer to the question “Are good Leaders born, or can they be made?” However it is my belief that, it is a little of both, Leaders are naturally born and they can be made.
Firstly, let us define who is a leader, Peter Guy Northouse – (2009) postulates that “a leader is any person who guides others towards a common goal, showing the way by example, thus creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process of goal achievement. A leader is not the boss of the team but instead, he/she is that person who is committed to carrying out the mission of ...view middle of the document...

Similar trait theories assume that people become heir to certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership. Trait theories often identify particular personality or behavioral characteristics shared by leaders.
From a personal point of view, there' is only one essential thing with which an individual needs to be born in order to be a leader later in life and that is “Intelligence”. A leader needs to be smart. Even though successful and influential leaders are not essentially the smartest and most intelligent person in a group, they have to be smart enough to do the job they are assigned by, knowing the down and upturn of any task given.
Even though Intelligence is of importance, it is important to know what the prospective leader will be when he or she is a grown-up. Any individual who is a natural leader when he emerges from his teenage years into young adulthood should possess the basic qualities and the mental and character traits he will demonstrate for the rest of their life. These characteristics some of them do matter for headship. Therefore, when the individual becomes an adult we can tell if he can help others, become result oriented, realize objectives or if they just want to follow and take it easy.
That is not exactly what we expect of our leaders; we anticipate them to achieve success through others, be able to make decisions that affect themselves and others. We also expect them to facilitate the growth and development of their team members. Many people wake up on a daily basis and expect the world to happen to them, but leaders must be ready and willing to step in the firing line and make major decisions that will cushion the blows of society. Life can be splendid without being result focused, but once you are in the forefront of leadership you have to be motivated and willing to be measured by the results of your success.
Therefore when born leaders become an adults we can tell if they have the basic qualities that we expect leaders to have. We can determine if they are smart enough to do the job. We can tell if they are willing to help others to achieve results as a group. And we can tell if they will make decisions. People who posses all these traits can learn the multiple skills it takes for them to become effectual leaders. So no matter how they measure up on the key essentials of a leader, no one will emerge from stage of life to another with all the skills in place to be an effective leader. Each person has to learn the job. That is why I support the statement that leaders are also made.
Leaders are also made
We all know that we have traits or attributes in our personalities which can influence our actions and to make us good leaders. For instance; some traits include: self intelligence, self belief, convincing power by speaking (extroversion), character, values and ethics. This is why persons believe that Leaders are born, but this is not necessarily so, because leadership can be learned...

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