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Are Human Rights Universal Essay

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Assimilation definition. The process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group: “Waves of immigrants have been assimilated into the American culture.” The process is somewhat subjective, because we tend to modify experience or information somewhat to fit in with our preexisting beliefs.
In the film the Native American children where put them into boxcars and all went to boarding schools. These boarding schools to provide opportunities for children who did not ...view middle of the document...

They brought them from their homes so they could have free labor and make money off their abilities. It was also used as a way to disenfranchise Native Americans from their land, culture and identities so they would forget who they were and where they came from. The U.S. government decided that they would start assimilation with the Native American children instead.
If the children were sent to schools that the U.S. operated, they could be taught a new culture the ways of the white man.
How did this affect them long term? When they got old enough to leave they turned to drinking, drugs and prostitution. Many had to seek counseling because they had no love and affection, when they had children they treated them the way they were treated at the boarding school. It will affected the Native American population for generations to come.
Is acculturating others into another culture ever justified?
No, it is never justified. It takes away people’s freedom of rights of they choice of religion and culture.

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