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Are Emojis A New Language? Essay

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n his article ‘More than just a smiley face’ (The Advertiser, 30 May, 2015, p. 49), Rod Chester explains that 'emoji's have become the fastest growing language ever. Chester suggests that 'emoji's are set to change the way we communicate forever as they help create the tone and nuances that electronic communication used to lack.
Chester points out that originally, 'emoji’s were introduced to a Japanese market back in 1990 where it was to appeal to a youth market. If the company that had created the idea had copyrighted it, the major fad would have never taken off. However, non-profit ...view middle of the document...

Chester cites Dr Vyv Evans, a linguistics professor at Bangor University in the United Kingdom, who made news for saying that emoji was ‘the fastest-growing form of language ever. However, Chester further cites linguist, Tyler Schoebelen, who disagrees with the "'emoji' as a language" theory, as it isn’t something children acquire from infancy and it doesn’t allow an intricate syntax like many other languages do. Chester also speaks of a Canadian linguist, Gretchen McCulloch, who took to twitter to challenge those who believe that 'emoji' is a language by encouraging them to prove their point by replying to her only through the use of emojis.
Chester concludes by citing Dr. Pauline Bryant, who is a visiting fellow at the Australian National Univeristy’s linguistics program, saying that she agrees with Evans, Schoebelen and McCulloch that 'emoji' could not be a language as it does not involve any grammar or a specific structure that needs to be followed. Bryant makes a similar point to McCulloch that though simple sentences cannot be made by using 'emoji's alone, they still are a fun addition to our electronic communication.

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