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Architecture Essay

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Architecture Paper

Architecture Paper
Even though Classical Greek and medieval Gothic architectures takes place in different time periods, they still share similarities in that they built architecture for the means of worshiping. Medieval Gothic architecture is primarily found in cathedrals of Western Europe dating back to the 16th century, whereas classical Greek architectures are commonly found in the temples of Greece dating back to the 7th century BC. Supportive columns made of stone were used in both Gothic and Greek architecture, but the style of the building catered to environment where the building is located. In Greece, architecture favored open spaces and buildings ...view middle of the document...

The architects seemed to be excellent scholars of visual illusion, making columns appear thinner and farther apart by designing the columns at the corners of the temple larger than the other columns while making the space around them smaller than the rest of the columns ("", n.d.). This was an innovative approach to the basic Doric style used on other temples at that time. Moreover, the sculptural décor used were lavished enough to furthermore outshine other temples. The doors were heavily decorated with gorgon sculptures, lion heads, and other bronze ornaments ("", n.d.).
The Salisbury Cathedral took a total of 38 years to build, from year 1220 to year 1258. The idea of building Salisbury Cathedral began from the need to relocate the earlier cathedral, Old Serum, which was said to be cold, inhospitable, and unserviceable ("Discover England Tours", n.d.). Like most cathedrals, Salisbury was and is currently used as a place for prayer and worship. It is currently the largest and highest cathedral in Britain, with a spire of 404-feet tall.
Salisbury was carefully designed to set it apart from any other cathedral at that time. The architects emerged in the, at the time, popular gothic architecture style designing lancet shapes and pointed arches. According to "Smart History" (n.d.), “The narrow piers of the cathedral were made of cut stone rather than rubble-filled drums, as in earlier buildings, which changed the method of distributing the structure’s weight and allowed for more light in the interior.” Its architecture differed from the usual medieval Gothic architectural style by the layered cake look of the lower level. The lower level of was cut off by a stringcourse that runs between it and the triforium, which was new compared to the typical gothic style church that had columns or piers stretch upwards to the ceiling or...

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