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Apps For Education Essay

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Math Champ for teachers
This app allows you to take a quiz with your students. Students compete with each other to answer the most questions correct. It is an iPad/iPhone app. It also allows teachers to assess how well their students are doing on certain math skills.
The one review said that this was a great way to quiz students at the end of the week.
Stick Pick
This tool allows you to pick students at random just by shaking your phone. It ...view middle of the document...

New questions can be generated to improve answers during discussions.
Socrative Teacher
This tool allows teachers to assess students instantaneously. It gives them access to immediate feedback on formative assessments. Teachers can have students race to practice what they learned.
The reviews say that this is great app to use. They say it is a fun and easy way to assess students in the moment.
Wordle allows you to generate word clouds from the text you read. It can be used for vocabulary. It could also be used to review or introduce a unit.
The review for this app say that it very useful. They gave several different ways that this app could be used in the classroom. According to reviews though, it may have trouble working in certain web browsers.
This is note taking app for teachers and students. Evernote allows students to collaborate while doing research. It syncs the work that is done to all devices you use.
The reviews for Evernote say that this is a great tool. It is great for organization and collaboration. Some reviewers say it is so good they would be lost without it. They say it is simple and easy to use.

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