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Applying Ethical Essay

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Applying Ethical Frameworks

Applying Ethical Frameworks
Yes, I would like to take action regarding the situation. Different ethical frameworks allow me to take action so that the justice could be maintained. I used ethical frameworks so that the justice, equality, utilitarianism and other things could be continued. I would not like to give favor to my colleague who is telling me that I should not take action and keep myself away from such action. If I accept his suggestion of ignoring it may lead the negative consequences in the future. I am taking action because I know that if today I ignore it and relaxed him it means I am not giving favor to ethics.
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The first reason is that it is included in my duty to show my response if something is getting wrong and I am fully knowledgeable about it. When I see that someone is being made guilty who is not guilty it is my ethical responsibility to support him against his/her punishment. The second reason is that I believe in the golden rule that others would treat me same as I am treating them today and I want such thing. The third reason is to find the truth regarding the situation I did take action because I was fully aware about this phenomenon.
The thing which is happening in front of my eyes cannot be hidden by me when someone is being made responsible. The fourth most important thing is retribution which I took into consideration for evaluation when I was going to make a decision regarding that. The retribution falls under the domain of virtue ethics because the person who is responsible should be punished. If today he will be released from such circle of accountability, he will repeat such actions. In the other context if one person is not responsible and he is being punished, then in response of this wrong, punish he may become offensive in his/ her activities (Donaldson's & Dunfee's, 1994).
The fifth and last reason behind taking this action would be honesty. This honesty falls under the domain of virtue ethics. Honesty allows me not to keep secrets. The integrity can be maintained only when you have strongly believed in honesty. Honesty is the central point of ethical values. Ethic starting point is honesty and it is like snow ball which slowly and steady to grab other factors.
There is no universal rule to decide what is right and wrong ethical. It has many considerations when such wrong and right decisions are taken. Different ethical frameworks are used in order to prove and make strong our arguments in favor of our decisions regarding right and wrong. Different decisions makers...

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