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Apple's Core Value Enlighten Apple's Employee Engagement

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Apple’s Core Value Enlighten Apple’s Employee Engagement
Apple’s core values are the qualities, customs, standards, and principles that the company believes will help it and its employees succeed. These values are the basis for what Apple does and how Apple does it. These values govern Apple’s business conduct.
Innovation/Vision: Apple built on innovation, providing products that were new and needed. Apple accepts the risks inherent in following their vision, and work to develop leadership products that command the profit margins Apple strive for.
Positive Social Contribution: Apple build products that extend human capability, freeing people from drudgery and helping them achieve more than they could alone. But beyond ...view middle of the document...

Individual Reward: Apple recognize each person’s contribution to Apple’s success, and Apple share the financial rewards that flow from high performance. Apple strives for an atmosphere where each individual can share the adventure and excitement of working at Apple.
To recognize the best of its employees, Apple created the Apple Fellows program, awarding individuals who make extraordinary technical or leadership contributions to personal computing while at the company. The Apple Fellowship has so far been awarded to a few individuals including Bill Atkinson, Steve Capps, Alan Kay, Guy Kawasaki, and Steve Wozniak.
Good Management: The attitude and behaviors of managers toward their people are of primary importance. Employee should be able to trust the motives and integrity of their supervisors. It is the responsibility of management to create a productive environment where Apple’s values flourish.
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is maintaining, by words and actions, most of Apple’s unique corporate culture. Apple has become slightly more open and considerably more corporate. In some case Cook is taking action that Apple sorely needed and employees badly wanted. Cook has displayed a pragmatic levelheadedness that has served Apple well following the brilliant and mercurial Jobs. Cook has moved aggressively to deal with questions about Apple’s supply-chain working conditions, particularly at Chinese industrial giant Foxconn. He’s loosened Jobs-era limits on matching corporate philanthropy. And he’s initiated a new plan to issue a dividend and buy back stock from Apple shareholders.

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