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Apple Marketing Paper

2820 words - 12 pages

Apple Marketing Plan
Anthony M Concilio
December 1st, 2011

Table of Contents

Executive Summary | Page 3 |
Situational analysis | Page 3 |
Product Offering | Page 4 |
S.W.O.T. Analysis | Page 5 |
Marketing Strategy | Page 6 |
Mission Statement | Page 8 |
Financial | Page 8 |
Controls | Page 10 |
Summary | Page 11 |
References | Page 12 |

Executive Summary
The year 1976 marked epic moments in our history, such as, the Bicentennial of the United States, NASA releases the famous Face on Mars photo, the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl X, and the biggest name in electronics is born, Apple Inc. Since 1976, Apple has used innovation and creation to become one of ...view middle of the document...

Creating items like the iPhone that are multitasking tools are a huge advantage for them. A great deal of their success comes from meeting the wants and needs of all their customers. Being able to meet the needs of the majority of your customers from a single product can take you a very long way, and Apple has done just that. Competitors are not completely blocked out by the shadow that Apple has casted over them. Microsoft continues to give Apple a run for their money with their programs, while Google’s Droid has also taken a bite out of Apple’s cell phone market share. Their biggest threat is their pricing. Their version of a 17 inch laptop runs $2,499.99 (, 2011) where as Acer offers a 17 inch laptop at a much lower price of $749.99 (, 2011). Apple will continue to be a limited market until they break that price barrier.

Product Offering
When it comes to product selection, one may not know where to begin with Apple. The vast line to choose from makes it very difficult for someone to pick one particular product. For now, I will start with where Apple began its business with, computers (Mac). Mac’s are Apples version of personal computers (iMac) and laptops (MacBook). The iMac’s come in many different sizes and are well known for their music and video editing programs. The MacBook’s are famous for their light weight and thin body style. Moving on to even smaller devices, Apple also offers portable digital music devices (iPod) and cell phones (iPhone). The iPod made a huge splash industry by providing a screen that allowed vibrant colors for viewing purposes, and an easy way to purchase music and movies for this device through a program/online store called iTunes. iTunes has changed the way people purchase music, making it possible for people to purchase single tracks from an artist without having to purchase their entire album. As the years went on, Apple gave the iPod new features like the ability to have internet access and apps. The iPhone has not only the same capacities as the iPod, but, you can also make phone calls from it. This particular product has become Apple’s number one product in demand. The iPhone gives users the ability to not only use it for personal, but for business use as well. You can do everything from view sales graphs and charts, check your email to play video games and watch movies. Last, but not least that I will be mentioning is the iPad. The iPad is a cross between the MacBook and iPod. It has the same body shape of an iPod, but is the size of a MacBook; however, it has all the apps and internet access that an iPod has, while also having some of the same editing programs from that of the MacBook. Some people say that the iPad could one day eliminate laptops.

S.W.O.T. Analysis

* Brand awareness and their ability to artistically and cleverly advertise their latest products.
* Apple Store and the Genius Center provide customers...

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