Apple Game Console Essay

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Apple game console:

If Apple were to develop a new game console which may call”i game”, it would probably have to following process:

New product development
. Idea generation
Apple can generate the new ideas from the company’s own sale or production staff, middlemen, competitors, consumer surveys, or other sources such as advertising agencies.

The following is the SWOT analysis on the new game console:
1. Band awareness/Halo effect from the i series products
2. Product differentiation
3. Complete package of hardware and software

1. Heavy investment in research
2. Not a lean operation management (Apple has to bear the cost of components and parts that the company purchased before hand)
3. Not completely independent. Apple is reliant on the third party for hardware parts such as processor chips. If these companies run short or ...view middle of the document...

.Top management support

Enthusiastic top-management support in the new product development is vital. If the market research information indicates that the new ideas have a great impact to

Idea evaluation

Apple could set up cross-function team of the new game console. The team should use concept testing to get reactions from customers about how well a new Apple console idea fits their needs.

At the same time, the market research could help the team identify the size of potential markets and Apple’s financial department could estimate the cost, revenue, and profitability based on the market size.


The new game console ideas survive the screening and idea evaluation steps must be analyzed further regarding the clear understanding of customer needs.
Once the cross-function team provides adequate information that can help the top management see the big picture on the positive result of the new idea, Apple management team members should approve the new game console development and assignment a top management team member to be responsible for new-product development.

The new-product development team with people from different departments helps ensure the new idea is carefully evaluated and profitable. The game console development should involve some research and development (R&D) and engineering to design and develop the physical part of the product. The R&D effort must be guided by the type of market oriented new product development process.

Apple should development the initial game console in one year on less. Market testing would be the next step to discover any undetected problems that may destroy the whole strategies.

After the market test, Apple could estimate likely ROI for various strategies to determine whether the idea moves on to commercialization.


At this point, Apple would plan to place the game console to the market. There are some factors that would affect the game console commercialization:
1. Effective design
2. A basis for superior customer value
3. Complete marketing plan
4. Effective transition to regular operation.

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