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Apple And Promoting Strategies Essay

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Apple Inc. and other forms of promoting the apple Ipad
As Apple Inc. has a distinctive tempting mode or ways of getting positive response from both devoted users and new user base. The Cupertino-based electronics manufacturer has captivated over a million of people in the world with an unrepresented innovative, carefully styled products for over twenty year, one would hardly wonder how it goes about it form of promotion; Well with the Apple Ipad, it was an entirely entailed form of promotion strategy with which superior power of the Internet, and various forms of internet application ,games application and of all the media application which also enabled people to engage in their creativity in creating tribute to the company and its product.
With Apple Inc opening floors or door to every sort of application, it created a flexible and the best ever form of promoting strategies for the Apple Ipad and ...view middle of the document...

Among the home-made video‟s viewers were some of Apple‟s marketing employees,
who were impressed by what they saw. They got in touch with Haley through their advertising
agency, TWBA/Chiat/Day, about producing a professional version of his commercial. Haley
then flew to the company‟s headquarters where his concept video was edited and filmed in high -
definition. He received a generous contribution towards his university education and several
Apple products for his efforts. The advertisement eventually formed the cornerstone of the iPod
touch campaign in America and Europe, initially airing on the popular TV show „Desperate
Housewives‟ and the World Series. As of today, the original clip has received over 1.5 million
views on YouTube and its rating has improved to 4 and a half stars.
Even though this campaign was not created by Apple initially, the company took
advantage of the video clip to generate positive publicity for the iPod touch and for taking a
Page 19
different approach to their advertising by fully embracing user-generated content. The
advertisement was unobtrusive: it was not heavily promoted on YouTube initially and was only
visible to users who used the search terms „iPod touch‟. The quality of the clip generated positive
word-of-mouth reviews and resulted in it being shared on popular technology blogs and
websites, ultimately reaching out to Apple itself. Instead of taking the legal route and suing the
young student for using the company‟s copyrighted material, it quickly realized the potential of
the campaign and responded imaginatively by taking the raw material from the clip and
converting it into a finished, professionally produced advertisement that was aired on television.
Apple took advantage of the inherent structure and characteristics of YouTube, especially the
proliferation of home-made commercials and sharing of videos, in order to bolster its own
marketing efforts. This campaign was initially started through user engagement: Haley‟s initial
efforts were responsible for generating positive responses from YouTube users and Apple

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