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1) In order for someone to understand the dynamics of cause and effect and also to evaluate the casual argument they need to understand two important concepts, which are the necessary condition and sufficient condition. Necessary condition is a condition that has to be occurred for an event to be happened, and failed to do so the event will not occur. Sufficient Condition is a condition for the occurrence of an event is one that guarantees the event occurs. Example of a necessary condition is, in order for a student to get A+ in a chemistry course at York University, he has to the write the chemistry test. If he did not write the test he would not pass the class, equivalently if the student ...view middle of the document...

Which is drawing conclusion about the target group on the basis of a sample that’s too small. The size of the sample is very small. The greater the sample group, the more likely it is reliably reflect the nature of the larger group. It is also not a representative sample; this doesn’t represent the target in right ways, which makes it a biased sample.
3) Theories are consisted of explanation, which are made to increase our understanding of the world. Theories that do not or cannot explain anything is called untestable theories. Untestable theories are not useful from a scientific standpoint. It is not useful because scientific theories need a comprehensive explanation of the truth, which is backed up with a lot of valid evidences and that are testable. A scientific theory needs to be testable, which it predicts or explains something, other than what it introduced to explain. An example of an untestable theory is saying, I won the lotto max 6/49 is because God made me lucky for one time. The only way to test this theory is to try the same thing again, but it made it clear it is a one-time luck from God, so there is no other way to prove this theory.
4) Theories that try to explain, what makes a person good or what makes an action right is called the moral theories. Relevant data is always consistent with acceptable moral theory. This relevant data that moral theory tries to explain are the moral judgments. Therefor...

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