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Anxiety Essay

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Anxiety Disorder
Dawn Murray
Bryant & Stratton College
Ms. Sara Bevilacqua

Anxiety is a state of intense worrying. This disorder affects 6.8 million people in the United States each year. People who suffer from this disorder may face psychological and physical symptoms. Fortunately, there are many different treatment options available. Anxiety can happen for a specific reason or for no reason at all. There are many psychological and social situations that many cause a person to have anxiety. This paper will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatments and implications of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Disorder
Anxiety is a state of intense worrying ...view middle of the document...

There are many physical and psychological symptoms that people with anxiety suffer from. Both the physical and psychological symptoms may cause some serious health issues. The most obvious symptoms would be the physical ones. The common physical symptoms would be muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, edginess, flushing, sweating, trembling, nausea, high blood pressure, stomachaches, lightheadedness, rapid breathing, and fainting (General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, 2010; Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, 2010). The common psychological symptoms would be substance abuse, chronic illness, post traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, thought of harming yourself or others, substance abuse, and other mental disorders.
People suffering from anxiety should see their primary care physician, as there are many treatment options for controlling the symptoms. The main treatment options are medications; there are four main categories of medications used. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors also known as SSRIs (sertraline, escitalopram, and citalopram) are used to block the reabsorption of serotonin by certain nerve cells in the brain. This leaves more serotonin available, which improves mood (Treatment: Medications, 2010). Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors also known as SNRIs (venlafaxine and duloxetine) work by increasing the levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine by inhibiting their reabsorption into the brain (Treatment: Medications, 2010). Benzodiazepines (clonazepam, lorazepam, and diazepam) are highly effective in promoting relaxation and reducing muscular tension and other physical symptoms of anxiety (Treatment: Medications, 2010). The issue with benzodiazepines is that they are highly addictive, so they need to be used with extreme care and close monitoring by the prescribing doctor. Tricycle Antidepressants (amitriptyline) are sometimes used instead of benzodiazepines since they are less addictive. There are many psychological treatment options available. Cognitive-behavior therapy, relaxation techniques, meditation, exposure therapy, hypnosis, counseling, breathing techniques, and seeing a physiologist are just some of the options. Strong empirical evidence has proven that a combination of psychotherapeutic medication and cognitive-behavioral...

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