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Ansc 306 Exam 1 Essay

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Animal Sciences 306
Equine Science
Exam #1

I. Multiple Choice – Place the letter corresponding to the best answer in the space to the left.
(38 pts.)

1._____Citrate Synthase and HAD activities of horse muscle _____ after birth (Changes in muscle profile)
a. increase b. decrease
c. stay constant

2._____ Cutting the superior check ligament is one possible treatment for a horse that is/has:
a. stifled b. bowed superficial digital flexor tendon
c. osselets d. bowed deep digital flexor tendon

3._____ ...view middle of the document...

ATP-PC b. Anaerobic (lactate)
c. Aerobic d. None of the above

9.__B___ The primary energy system used by a Standardbred trotter racing a mile in about 2:00 minutes is:
a. ATP-PC b. Anaerobic (lactate)
c. Aerobic d. None of the above

10.__C___ The primary energy system used by an Arabian horse on a 100 mile trail ride is:
a. ATP-PC b. Anaerobic (lactate)
c. Aerobic d. None of the above

11. __C___ Inflammation or tearing of the interosseous ligaments of the second and third metacarpals is the most common cause of _________.
a. bowed tendon b. carpitis
c. splints d. spavin

12._____ Physical training causes which of the following changes in skeletal muscle?
a. decreased myoglobin content b. decreased fat oxidation
c. decreased ATP stores d. increased mitochondrial numbers

13._____ The primary way that the horse increases cardiac output during exercise is: {heart rate x stroke volume a-vo2 difference}
a. increased stroke volume b. increased heart rate
c. increased a-v O2 difference d. both b and c

14. _____ An equine ligament injury would be expected to take at least _____ to heal.
a. 6 weeks b. 6 months
c. 8 weeks d. 8 months

15._____ Trained horses have higher vO2 max during maximal exercise than untrained horses due to:
OR increased stroke volume
a. decreased maximal heart rate b. increased oxygen extraction by working muscles
(greater a-V O2 difference)
c. both a and b d. none of the above

16._____ After racing a sub-1:50 (minutes:seconds) mile (very fast), a Standardbred horse will experience:
a. high blood lactic acid b. decreased muscle and blood pH
c. both a and b d. none of the above

17._____ “Milkshakes” are illegal to administer to race horses because:
a. the horse could be injured by the nasogastric tube b. racing performance might changed
c. electrolyte imbalances could harm the horse d. all of the above

18._____ The most common heart problem limiting performance in the horse is:
a. ventricular tachycardia b. atrial fibrillation
b. atherosclerosis d. atrial infundibulum

19._____ Differences in resting versus exercising hematocrits of horses and humans are primarily due to functioning of the
a. heart b. pancreas
c. liver d. spleen

II. True/False – Mark “T” in the space to the left of each statement that is true, and “F” in the space
(16 pts.) to the left of each statement that is false.

1. F ...

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