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Annotated Bibliography
Beverly Santiago
Strayer University

Allen, Bob. “Evangelicals 'worse' than Catholics on sexual abuse.” Christian Century 130(22) (2013): 16.
This article was written by Mr. Bob Allen in the Christian Century publication. Mr. Allen is a contributing writer. Though very short in length, Allen provides a looking at how Evangelicals handles sexual misconduct by its’ clerics and administrators. The addresses the issue of pedophilia but also how Evangelicals are quick to point out their belief of Catholics being worse than them. Allen provides insight on the level of arrogance, lack of transparency, and accountability ...view middle of the document...

Hadman-Cromwell, Youtha C. "Power and sexual abuse in ministry." Journal of Religious Thought 48 (1) (1991): 65.
This featured article, written by Youtha C. Hardman-Cromwell, focuses on sexual misconduct and abuse with the clergy. As a member of the clergy and theological professor, she is able to provide an insider's perspective of sexual misconduct in the clergy. She takes a look at how the law varies state by state cases of sexual misconduct. The article provides information on the steps states have taken to ensure the right of those victimized by clerics. Hardman-Cromwell explains the procedures used and actions taken when an accusation surfaces. A synopsis is what actions judicatory can when try to implement guidelines and training when handling sexual offenses by clerics. The article also covers understanding the effects on victims, what the congregation needs, dealing with the offender and responses to clergy sexual abuse. Each topic provides insight to the mindset of the victim and congregates, the cleric and the state of the clergy.
Kaiser, Hilary. "Clergy sexual abuse in U.S. mainline churches." American Studies International 34 (1) (1996): 30.
This article focuses on the phenomenon of cleric sexual abuse and misconduct throughout the United States. The author of the article, Hilary Kaiser, begins with a brief synopsis of cleric pedophilic behavior in Ireland's Catholic Church. It reveals how the high rate of occurrence in Ireland brought to the possibility of more cases throughout the Catholic Church. It explores the ministerial role engaging in sexual contact or sexualized behavior with parish parishioners. The article discusses how the U.S Catholic clergy was more transparent because of steps taken to prevent such occurrences. Kaiser discusses how clerics, because of their standing in the community, can move about and victimize at will. It explains the nature and makeup of the victim as well as the pedophile. In addition, the article also discusses legislative rulings designed to protect the right of the victims and lift the shield of protection and silence the Catholic diocese.
"Pedophilia." Harvard Mental Health Letter 20 (7) (2004): 1-4.
In this article provides information on pedophilia. It provides the definition of pedophilia adapted from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The article provides insight into the developmental stage when pedophiliac tendencies may occur. Risks factors that could cause the onset of pedophilia are discussed at some length. It also takes a look at how victimization of child molestation being a cause of pedophilia. Possible treatments and medications are discussed and effectiveness of both. A brief descriptive of aversion therapy, imaginal desensitization, covert sensitization, externalization, victim empathy training, and cognitive restructuring as some to the possible treatments provided by therapist for pedophilia....

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