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Annotated Bib About Portrayal Of Women

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Annotated Bibliography: How Women are portrayed in Movies

McNeil, Jean. “Imagery of Women in TV Drama: Some Procedural and Interpretive Issues”
Journal of Broadcasting 19.3 (1975): 238-288. Web. 15 Dec. 2011.
In this scholarly article, Jean McNeil explains how women are being portrayed in movies by how attractive they are and how “well dressed” they are and talks about how there are basically used as sex toys for the audience. Also, she explains that women are being used to dress inappropriately on movies to draw people in to watch them on television.

This article will be helpful to my project because it provides enough and helpful information on my topic. However, it provides ...view middle of the document...

I hope this will help my audience realize that women in movies live two different lives, but you only see the fake one. Not all women are whores that you see in movies; women have children and a husband to go home to at the end of the day. Maybe then they will see that movie stars have two different sides to them but they only see the one that they act out.

Whipple, Thomas C. “How to Portray Women I TV Commercials.” Journal of Advertising Research. (1980): 53-59. Web. 1 April. 2007.

In this scholarly article, Thomas Whipple explains how women are being portrayed not only in movies and TV shows. They are also being used for advertisement. Directors are using women to attract people to use and purchase their products. They are using women by dressing them inappropriate and doing inappropriately things in commercials for everyone to see just so people will buy their products.

This article will be helpful to my project because it provides enough and helpful information on my topic. However, not only are women being portrayed in movies but they are also being portrayed in advertisements. I hope this will make my audience...

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