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Animal Care Clinic (A) Essay

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LeAnne Baker

Creature Care Animal Clinic has a few major flaws in how they are currently operating. Dr. Barr had a great vision but unfortunately her customers have slighty different needs. Dr. Barr needs to adjust her hours and set up an inventory management system and place one person in charge of inventory. This will help reduce expiration waste, duplicate items, out of stock issues and of course cost. She may need to hire a person or two to even out the work load. With a few minor adjustments I think that Animal Care Clinic can adjust to meet the customers needs.

1) Since Operations Management is the central core of every business, it is necessary to ensure all aspects ...view middle of the document...

She also has an inventory control issue or lack of inventory control all together. The office manager or assistant should be put in charge of inventory to control stock and cost.
2) The schedule might not be working at Dr. Barr’s current clinic because the customer base is different. She should adjust her schedule to suit her customer’s needs. Close at regular time on Wednesday and stay open later on Friday.
3) The biggest reason the office is having inventory problems is because there is no system and nobody in charge of managing it. There has to be a system in place to keep stock appropriate and current.
4) Dr. Barr should have implemented an inventory management system prior to opening the office. She should place the office manager or assistant in charge of managing the inventory to reduce the risk of excess inventory or running out. She should also adjust her business and staff hours and consider hiring a person or two.
5) I would suggest that Dr. Barr close at normal business hours on Wednesday and stay open late on Friday. I would also recommend she place the office manager in charge of managing the inventory. I think she should also consider making the office assistant full time or hiring an additional one.

In studying this case I learned that the initial business vision may always need to be adjusted a bit. Although her hours worked at her old clinic that does not mean it would be suitable everywhere and for everyone. It’s important to adjust to your customer’s needs. I also learned how important inventory control is even in a small office with minimal staff. It’s an area where a lot of money can be lost if not managed properly. It also has a tremendous effect on the services offered.

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