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Anglou Life Span Development Essay

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Whenever we look at a playground, we supposed to see some children play happily with their peers and some are not. Have you ever wonder what make their behavior are so different? Life span development studies of how people grow and change during all phase of their lives. In the book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings written by Maya Angelou proves that development is multidimensional including biological, cognitive and socioemotional. Maya is three years old and her brother, Bailey, is four experienced broken family and were sent to Stamps, Arkansas with pieces of paper attached on their bodies “to whom may it concern”. They live with their paternal grandmother, Annie Henderson, whom soon ...view middle of the document...

She also develops self-socialization as Charles Cooley and George Herbert Mead in which she expresses and argues with herself “who am I?”
The environment.. She learn problem solving skills and develop cognitive.

Maya was growing up in the era of the 1920’s and the culture of the Deep South. It was a land filled with racism and the segregation of Blacks and Whites where children taught to respect their elders, do their chores, mind their manners, and do their schoolwork, to fear God and no “Tom Foolery”. In other to survival, she becomes conditioned, molded to response social norm. Maya always was taught that Black was bad; White was next to being Godly and the safest way not to deal with whites. She felt furious on her great eighth-grade graduation when the white speaker, Mr. Edward Donleavy says that black children only achieved greatness through sports, not through academics.Clearly, she is expected not to have her defences up and shield her true identity. However, her brother, Bailey is a happy, optimistic, smart and strong. Bailey’s identity is well develop and also self-confidence. Maya is lucky because she still has Momma and Bailey who are her heroes. They always protect Maya and provide her with a loving, respectful foundation that will support her in the future.

Momma is a strong religious woman and hard working. She runs her own store, the only store in the black section of Stamps. She uses the good Lord and the Bible to raise and teach the children. According to the psychologist Diana Baumrind parenting style, Momma has an authoritative style of parenting style mixed with only a touch of an authoritarian undertone. She keeps her faith and self-respect, providing an influential model for Maya and Bailey. Momma is neither abusing nor neglecting them but only handed out punishment as she felt right. Moreover, Momma rules their house by innate righteousness and insisted the children observe rules and respect their elders and if a rule is broken, immediate punishment will be dispensed. At times I found her to be tender and nurturing when she needed to be. For example, when the three white girls try to insult her with ridiculous behaviors, she keeps silent, stillness and addresses them with respect, demonstrating her maturity and self-confidence. Momma gets over racism and determines her identity. Maya is only spanked a handful of times because she is so furious and want to teach these white girl a lesson. However, Maya wasn’t punished and she understands that Momma loves her. Hence, Bailey and Maya well educated, well- spoken, well-behaved had an enormous interest in literature. They were appreciative of what they had a spark for life.

 The interaction of both nurture and nature affect most aspects of a child's development (Bee). There was more nature than nurture that gave a negative emphasis on Maya’s perceptual development. Socioeconomic status did not have an effect because the family has enough money and Momma even owns...

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