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And Justice For All Essay

1781 words - 8 pages

Lindsey Silva
J. Clark
English 101-8
September 15, 2014

And Justice for All

Punishment stems from our parents, our mom or dad or maybe even both,
and their learnings stem from their parents. They would lecture, about the rights
and wrongs. So when a child grows up, maybe steals a pack of gum at age five,
something petty, they get away with it, get a thrill because they were never caught.
That small, minor theft turns into something a little larger over time, each time as
they grow. That frivolous pack of gum has grown into a larger larceny, maybe
grand theft, or robbing a bank, eventually leading to murder, this is known as ‘the
progressive effect’.
Most of us have a moral ...view middle of the document...

Capital punishment does act as a deterrent. A prisoner sitting on death row
cannot make parole, or escape from prison. Hypothetically if a prisoner is handed
a ‘life’ sentence, but then makes parole twenty years into serving, for good
behavior, that convict has another chance to rape, or murder again. Perhaps the
biggest reason to keep capital punishment in effect, is to prevent a crime or
multiple crimes from happening. The late Ernest van den Haag, PhD, professor of
Sociology at Fordham University, was quoted saying, “Nothing will deter a criminal
more than a death sentence, a life sentence must be less deterring than a death
sentence. And we must execute murderers as long as it is merely possible that
their execution protects citizens from future murder.” What is to stop a person
sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole from killing while in
prison? Nothing, a man with nothing to lose, is terrifying. Professor of Mass
Communication, Paul Van Slambrouck, reporter at Christian Science Monitor;
agrees stating, “Assaults in prisons across the U.S., both against
fellow inmates and staff, have more than doubled in the past decade.” According
to statistics assembled by Criminal Justice Institute in Middletown, Connecticut.
Crime would run rampant if there wasn’t some way to deter people from
committing the acts. Michael Summers, PhD, MBA, Professor of Management
Science at Pepperdine University, published an article titled, “Capital Punishment
Works”, he quotes in this article, “Our recent research shows that each execution
carried out is correlated with about 74 fewer murderers the following year. Over a
26-year period from 1979-2004, using FBI data, there seems to be a correlation
in that when executions increase, murder decreases, and when executions
decrease, murder increases.” Death is feared more than life imprisonment, and
deters prospective murders not deterred by the thought of life in prison.
The justice system basically attempts to mete out a punishment which fits
the crime. Guilty offenders deserve to be punished in proportion to the severity of
their crimes. Severe crimes customarily result in imprisonment. Larceny, drug
dealing, attempted murder, so if severe, but not lethal crimes towards people is
deserving of life without parole, why should a methodical serial rapist and or well-
planned out first degree murderer be given the same punishment? What would stop
a would-be criminal to kill the victim they had just mugged or crippled? After all, it
wouldn’t matter, the offender’s sentence could not get any worse.
Imprisonment is an effective deterrent, however there are some people,
such as serial killers, sadistic rapists, pedophiles, were more is needed. Judges
and prosecutors should have the option of using a variety of punishments in order
to minimize crime. Opponents of the death penalty say the death penalty will not
allow an offender the chance for reform. Can a...

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