Analyzing Messages Essay

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Analyzing Messages
June 11, 2012
Jose Lepervanche

Analyzing Messages
With the modernization of communication, there are different dialogues in which people can compose messages. These dialogues have certain components that show the importance of the message and try to communicate that importance in an effective way. The wording, sending, and receiving of a message affects the comprehension, and the direct response to the message. This analysis will examine three messages and provide information on the context of the sender’s information. Then evaluate the affect content, media, and technology has on feedback.
Analyzing Three Messages
The first message (Appendix A) is from ...view middle of the document...

This message did allow feedback (see Appendix C).
The third message (Appendix D) is from a mortgage company that the recipient made an inquiry to about refinancing his home. The sender of this letter is a loan officer, even though she never explains her job title in the email. The noise level is very high; the recipient interprets this woman as rude. She should have chosen a better choice of words to open the message. With the content in the message, even though the option is present, the recipient will not give any feedback.
Content, Media, and Technology
Feedback sends information to the sender from the receiver that he or she has an understanding of the message (Roebuck, p. 11, 2006). Content within a message is the way the sender describes the situation to the recipient. The recipient cannot see the body language or hear the sender’s verbal expressions, so the message must be precise. Media relates to the presentation of the message (University of Phoenix, 2012). The media relates to sending the message in the proper form that allows easy access to the receiver. Technology consists of encoding and presentation tool, channel, or data networks (University of Phoenix, 2012). These tools allow the sender to send the message to the receiver and vice versa. A good communicator allows feedback from all forms of technology. This allows the communicator to learn from his or her mistakes, and provide a better form of communication in the future (Roebuck, p. 12, 2006).
This analysis explained how effective communication allows people to comprehend information through communication environment. Communicators need to understand that speaking and writing precisely alleviates potential problems and negative feedback from personal. With the proper use of content, media, and technology a communicator can present the message in a more effective manner
Roebuck, D.B. (2006). Improving Business Communication (4th ed.). Retrieved from University of Phoenix.
University of Phoenix. (2012). A Basic Communications Model. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, COMM/470 website.

Appendix A
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