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Analyzing Art And Architecture Essay

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Running head: Art and Architecture
Analyzing Art and Architecture

HU300 Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond

Art and Architecture
I have lived in California for three years, have visits San Francisco numerous times and it was not until this past weekend that I saw the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for the first time. We took the trip to show our foreign exchange around and show her the beauty of our area and I was surprised to find myself in amazement not only that I did not rush to see such a thing before now, but the beauty and history of the building (pic. 1) as well. In the center is a large dome topped structure surrounded by intricate detailed carvings ...view middle of the document...

The original design was for the boxes to be planters and the weeping maidens were tears were to nourish the planters “The melancholy of life without art” (The Landmark to Love, The Palace of fine arts.) but funds ran short and Maybeck did not get the greenery he wanted.
The structure was not intended for use longer than the exhibits it was created for so the original media for the Corinthian colonnade and Roman rotunda were wood, and a mixture of plaster and burlap type fiber, but before the end of the exhibition there was already petitions and funds gathered to preserve the structure, after years of destruction, reuse and rebuilding the Palace of Fine arts stands today for all to admire and is still an amazing scene of beauty with the water, wild life, columns stretching to the sky and yes the weeping maidens that drew me in and made me inquisitive enough to Google when I got home are still bent over the empty boxes atop the columns.
Synergy is the name of the local art I have decided to give a detailed analysis of. As you enter the Riverpoint Market Place in West Sacramento CA, you are greeted by a 26 foot tall stainless Steele and bronze sculpture, that, at a quick glace would make you think of two large slides side by side. The City of West Sacramento commissioned sculptor Alber De Matteis to make a sculpture that would adorn the center of the market place that is home to tenants such as Home Depot, Walmart, Ross and Ikea, the intent of the sculpture was to pay homage to the two rivers that have nurtured and sustained west Sacramento and they wanted the structure light up at night. ALLSCAPEs (a lighting and controls company) local agent,...

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