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Analyze Brain Influence Essay

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1. Centrality of the Proposed Program to the Institution’s Mission

The mission of the Carl Albert State College Child Development Department is to provide a high quality, innovative program of study in a Certificate, Child Development; and to promote Child Development as a professional field of study.

1. Enabling students to appreciate childhood as a unique and valuable state of the human life cycle and valuing the quality of children's lives in the present, not just as ...view middle of the document...

Enabling students to appreciate and support the close ties between the child and family;
6. Preparing students to respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual (child, family member, and colleague).

CASC’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible and exceptional education that fosters student success. The existing Certificate in Child Development fits the college’s mission by diversifying the educational and student-learning opportunities available to under graduate students. The degree program costs little to implement since existing classes and faculty will be used.
The Certificate in Child Development will serve an important role by preparing students to enter the work force with a certificate qualifying them for job opportunities. The certificate is also a ladder for those interested in continuing their education with an Associate’s degree. Allowing CASC to implement a Certificate in Child Development online is a win-win situation for students, faculty, and community members in southeastern Oklahoma, meeting the needs of an economically disadvantaged and culturally devalued region of the state and nation.

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