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Analyze A Manager In A Functional

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Analyze the Role of a Manager within the Functional Area of Business
June 9 2014

There are varieties of ways of dividing functional areas of business. The most commonly stated functional areas of business are Marketing, Operation Management, Human Resources, and Finance. In addition communication plays an important role in the organizations function. Even though communication is not designated as separate function, communication play a cross functional role. Functions are very important for developing goods and services and making it reach to the consumers which are called task functions. Task functions are basic activities that relates to the completion of the ...view middle of the document...

In addition, one may think of marketing of just one thing but marketing is everything to what the consumer encounters once they come to your business. Some examples, of marketing includes advertising, what the customers hear, to what customer care follow up calls they will receive. Marketing managers have long been assigned to manage decisions related to the marketing mix and development of target marketing strategies and business strategies linked with marketing (Kotler, 1972). Also, Marketing managers have been exhorted to “stay close” to the customer, to put the customer at the top of the organizational chart and to define the purpose of the business as the creation and retention of satisfied customers (Day, 1994). Marketing managers today focus on the practical management and organization’s operation. In order for marketing managers to be effective, they need to use research surveys to determine what the consumer wants which helps the company to better align the strategies.
The operation management function is another important function because through this is what the customer sees output of the revenues and the continual survival of the company. In addition, the management of this is heavily dependent on the product because different product method exists. Also different product method requires different emphasis in the organization. For example if the focus is an expensive car, then the attention will be on safety and quality. Addition, if the product is crude oil, then the attention is on the rate of flow.
The operation management is related to other functions. For example, if the operation purpose is to upgrade machines for higher outputs then, this decision will have to be coordinated with Finance function in terms of investment and appraisal. Further more if the technology needs changing or upgrading there will be major impacts on the other functions.
Moreover, there are few concepts in the operations management function. The concepts include:
* Inventory Management
* Material Resource Planning
* Quality Management
* Total Quality management
Human Resource function is about managing people in an organization as a resource. Human Resources include planning, forecasting, staffing, types of staff, types of...

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