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Analysis Ws By Hartley

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Анализ текста "WS"
The fragment of emotive prose which has been chosen for stylistic analysis is one of the numerous stories belonged to a prominent English novelist – L. P. Hartley “W.S.” The author was a highly skilled narrator and all his tales are admirably told. “W.S.” comes from “The Complete Short Stories of L. P. Hartley. ” A close study of the story for the purpose of examining its style involves a careful observation and a detailed description of the language phenomena at various levels. The text of the fragment is complete in itself and it is interesting from the point of view of its idea. The excerpt is not homogeneous: the narration is interrupted by the elements of ...view middle of the document...

The woman 6. Piece of him 7. Panic 8. Police The most of the supra-phrasal unities coincide with the paragraphs and the most of the key sentences are at the top of the sentences and that’s all the paragraphs are structured according to the deductive type of paragraph. It should be noted that the paragraphs are knit together asyndetically. Let’s now try to find out lexical-thematic chains and the number of its components. SPU LTC Number of components Totally The postcards ItIYou 205060 130 Anonymous correspondent Walter StreeterStrangers 165 21 Wondering Sender 8 8 Difficulties The last two chaptersBarrier 210 12 The woman She 12 12 Piece of him Something 11 11 Panic Significant factAlienist 34 7 Police They 8 8 The lexical thematic net work method allows a quantitative criterion to be used for appreciating the importance of themes. It can be seen from the scheme that the theme 1 has the most number of components for it is represented by different subthemes and is spread throughout the textual field. Theme 2 provides a cohesion between different parts of the text. Lexical thematic chains are knit together by means...

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